The launch phase is where we grow the business and leverage Amazon’s platform. The ultimate goal with Amazon should be to rank inside of Amazon for your primary keywords.

Our process helps increase organic rankings by boosting the BEST SELLER RANK. BSR (similar to PageRank for Google) is a metric created by Amazon years ago to help them organically rank listings. Amazon uses BSR to help them rank products for organic keywords.

RANKINGS - We use one single core strategy to boost your rank on Amazon and build your brand away from Amazon.

INFLUENCER MARKETING - We work with our network of relevant influencers and connect with them in a two-way value exchange. We have a 100% success rate of product placement with influencers who have amassed large (and real) followings on their blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Over the past 10+ years we’ve grown a network of many thousands of high quality influencers and reviewers interested in testing and reviewing products from our clients.

The bloggers write full reviews on their own blog and link to your Amazon listing page. Each blog also runs a competition to give away the same product to one of their readers. They are also able to offer a limited flash sale to their readers which often drives a lot of organic sales. When products are featured on these selected blogs and a large number of social media accounts, this results in an increase in sales in a very short period of time.


  • New traffic to your listing
  • Opt-in Emails
  • Social media attention with hashtags and links to product
  • Social media followers and fans
  • Shares from the Amazon listing page
  • Third party content for use in branding
  • Influencer content to re-share
launch amazon listing